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Free Senior Concert with Bob Bovee

Thursday, September 25th, 2:00-3:00

Join Bob Bovee and his guitar and harmonica for some rousing cowboy songs, ballads, blues, novelty songs and yodels. Since 1980, Bob and Gail traveled the country together taking old time music to audiences at festivals, fairs, dances, libraries, music camps, schools, radio and TV programs. Bob is a treasure trove of songs and stories you don't want to miss!

 "I've long felt that Bob is one of the great singers of cowboy songs alive today."  Kerry Blech, The Old Time Herald 


Healthy Hoe-Down October 4th  6:30 potluck 

Shooting Star Farm & Green Square Market

 Rink DaVee & Jenny Bonde's certified organic Shooting Star Farm is located 10 miles east of Mineral Point. They bring a wide variety of produce to two farmers markets: Mineral Point Farmers Market each Saturday and Dane County Farmers Market each Wednesday. They grow incredibly beautiful lettuce, baby greens, beets, onions, kale, chard, herbs, squash, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and more.  Top notch chefs and restaurants throughout WI search out Shooting Star Farm produce for creating delicious meals. Rink and Jenny also run an online market called Green Square, where you can order their tasty vegetables online and pick up your order at many convenient locations. Links to both the farm and the Green Square are above! Sign up for their newsletter, as they often have unique special events and dinners. 


Tim Jenkins and The Kettle Creek String Band will be calling and playing October's Dance. 


New!  Before Each Healthy Hoe-Down: Old-Time Music Jam 5:30-6:30 for all levels

Do you play guitar, fiddle, bass or banjo? Interested in learning the specific style of old-time stringband music? Already know some tunes? Join in and learn by ear at this jam with musicians from the band! There's no better way to learn than jamming. 


We Need Kitchen and Tear Down Volunteers for Healthy Hoedowns! Email meghan@folklorevillage.org to inquire



Welcome Dan Knutson

Another new face around Folklore Village these days is Dan Knutson, our new part-time custodian and groundskeeper. Dan does a great job keeping up with our large site and many buildings. Dan has worked as the caretaker of the famed House On The Rock and was a supervisor at a Dodgeville wood factory plant for 20 years. He loves to golf and enjoys spending time outside, which is one reason why he is liking his new Folklore Village position. Dan is a fun and cheerful presence here and we hope you get to meet him soon. He lives in Montfort with his wife Zoe. Welcome Dan!

Event Calendar Notice

To reach our area of greatest impact, our 6 month event calendar (August-December) has been mailed to the WI residents on our mailing list. If you'd like our current event calendar mailed to you, drop us a line and we'll put one in the mail. Or, click here for a pdf electronic copy! 608-924-4000 or staff@folklorevillage.org


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