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"Best of Summer" Healthy Hoe-Down

Saturday August 9th, 5:30 jam, 6:30 potluck, dancing follows

With The Lakeview Ramblers, caller Steve Pike and Farm Sponsor: Cates Family Farm


Folklore Village's barn dances this season will highlight a local, sponsoring farm and be called "Healthy Hoe-Downs." We think connecting our local, sustainable farms with our barn dances brings back a basic partnership that once thrived in rural communities. Our first farm sponsor, Cates Family Farm, specialize in natural, delicious grass-fed finished beef from Angus and Jersey steers grown in the open air on excellent quality pasture. The steers are raised without added growth hormones, and they do not receive any type of antibiotic for a minimum of nine months prior to processing. Their beef is “aged” at 34° - 36° for about two weeks prior to packaging. This aging process, common a generation ago, enhances tenderness and allows the full beef flavor to develop. The beef is lightly marbled and without excess fat. Come meet Dick and Kim Cates, learn about their farm and dance with your neighbors! We thank the Cates Family Farm for being a Healthy-HoeDown Sponsor.

 $7 adults, $6 members, $5 seniors and teens (65+), $5 kids

Village Harmony Teen Choir Workshop & Concert with leaders Emily Miller, Mollie Stone and Gideon Crevoshay

Details about this two part event here at our Calendar Page



Bryan Bowers, Autoharp Master In Concert: August 30th

Reserve your tickets now! $15 general admission

7:00 doors, 7:30 concert

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