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Edward Poullard & Sheryl Cormier

Come to Cajun Dance and Music Festival May 1st-3rd

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Want to come check out the evening dance parties and/or just listen? We have a Friday night dance and a Saturday night dance for you to experience these talented Cajun musicians. Admission is $23.00 and includes a late night snack plus coffee/tea. It's the bayou in Southwest WI!









A Special Evening in The Wakefield Schoolhouse: May 15th  With Kristian Bugge & Mette Jensen

7:30 PM Concert, Dance follows $15.00 tickets. Please reserve your space early.

Kristian and Mette play traditional music from some of the most famous Danish folk music regions, including small islands like Læsø and Fanø and the northwestern region called Thy. The duo's home region is around the town of Vejle on the Jutland east coast. Their repertoire consist of old dance tunes, whirling walzes, happy polkas, groovy jigs, fiery reels and breathless hopsas, plus the exotic “Sønderhoning” dance tunes from the Island of Fanø.

Dancers: The dance after the concert will vary between normal couple dances like polka, waltz, schottis (maybe Sønderhoning = a Danish polska dance) etc. and some circle dances and quadrilles. Upon request, they are also happy to include a hambo and maybe a couple of other Swedish dances!

Musicians: Bring your instrument and be ready to keep the dancing going!



We have updated the information on our Aslak Lie House Page!

Click the LIE HOUSE tab above on the webpage navigation headings for updated information regarding the construction of the Aslak Lie House.  We are projecting a groundbreaking in the spring of 2015!




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