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Our programs are supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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2017 Calendar
Saturday 4      6:00            Healthy Hoedown (Potluck at 6, dance starts at 7:15)
Tuesday 7      7:00             First Tuesday Open Mic
Saturday 18    7:00             "Lost Instruments of a Lost Ukraine" with Jurij Fedynskyj
Fri - Sun 24-26                  Cajun Music & Dance Weekend
Fri. 31 - Sun., April 2         Spring Norwegian Music & Dance Weekend
Tuesday 4      7:00             First Tuesday Open Mic
Fri.- Sun. 21-23                 English Country Dance & Music Weekend
Tuesday 2       7:00            First Tuesday Open Mic
Saturday 6      5:30            Maypole Dancing & Potluck
Sunday  7                          Friends of Folklore Village Spring Fundraiser
Saturday 20                        Russian 7-String Guitar workshops and concert
4:00 & 7:30                        with Oleg Timofeyev and International Artists
Saturday 3      6:00            Healthy Hoedown (Potluck at 6, dance starts at 7:15)
Tuesday 6      7:00             First Tuesday Open Mic


Healthy Hoedowns
 Folklore Village Healthy Hoedowns are fun-filled barn dance evenings of traditional American dances, including old-time squares, New England contras and Appalachian, Southern and Midwestern big circles. No experience or special costume required. Families and beginners are always welcome! 

March 4   •  Healthy Hoedown
Rare Privilege (Amy McFarland and Maria Terres), with Martha Tyner, caller
Potluck at 6:00  Dance at 7:15
$7 adults, $5 seniors & teens, $4 kids  Kids under 5 admitted free. 
Family admission is capped at $20.00.

 Upland Hills Health is primary sponsor of the Healthy Hoedown series and encourages us all to connect the threads between healthy eating, the rural, American barn dance tradition and a social, community-building form of exercise. Thank you Upland Hills Health !


May 6   •  Maypole Dance Family Evening
The Lakeview Ramblers, with Tim Jenkins, caller
Maypole dancing is an English tradition heralding the return of spring! Help decorate the beribboned Maypole with flowers. Families weave patterns by dancing around the pole to the directions of a caller. Bring flowers! 
Potluck at 5:30
$7 adults, $5 seniors & teens, $4 kids  Kids under 5 admitted free. 
Family admission is capped at $20.00.
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First Tuesday Open Mics

 March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6
 7-9 PM  (donations appreciated)
We invite all, from aspiring and accomplished musicians and poets to appreciative audience members, to join in this supportive, cooperative effort to celebrate our local talent. Mike Wolkomir emcees the evening with his autoharp while Scott Stieber does a top-notch job on sound. The night features a traditional open mic format in our main hall and is great for all ages!
Piano available. Donations greatly appreciated. Coffee and tea provided. Feel free to bring a treat to share.
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Concerts & Workshops

Lost Instruments of a Lost Ukraine

Saturday, March 18, 2017 ~ 7pm

Admission $7

Presented by Jurij Fedynskyj of Kryachkivka village, Poltava oblast, Ukraine, originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Guild Master of the Poltava Kobzar Guild, creator of Kobzarskiy Tabir Ukraine, and host of "Drevo Rodu Kobzarskoho" summer music festival 

Jurij will be featuring the three instruments of his research and reconstruction - the kobza, the bandura, and the torban.  He will share the tales associated with these three "lost" instruments of Ukraine, and present music as it would likely have been performed by the rural kobzari as they travelled from town to town in pre-Soviet times.

Although Jurij was born in the United States, he currently lives in a small village south of Kiev, where he operates a school of instrument building, and performs music. 


Folklore Village Weekend Festivals are supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit
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Cajun Music & Dance Weekend
March 24~26
featuring Jimmy Breaux, Randy Vidrine and Harold Bernard
      and with Charlie & Lynne Terr, John Terr, Dorian Gehring, AJ Srubas and more!
Come for an in-depth learning experience, with Cajun music and dance instruction from the very finest tradition-bearers. We offer multiple levels of instruction in Cajun fiddle, accordion and dance, plus cultural discussion, vocals/singing workshops, a guitar workshop, open jamming, traditional food and more! Cajun dance parties both Friday and Saturday evenings. Full- and part-time options.
Our REGISTRATION FORM is now designed with fillable fields. You should be able to fill it in on your computer and either email or mail it to us. Please read the payment instructions carefully, and note that if paying by credit card, you must either 1) mail us the card info with your form, 2) phone us to make a transaction, or 3) use this payment button (left) to pay with PayPal. We cannot accept credit card payments via email.



Jimmy Breaux is a superb Cajun accordionist, who not only was the button box driving force behind the legendary and Grammy Award winning band Beausoleil for over two decades, but has had a stellar solo career as well.  His musical chops come naturally, as he is associated with a veritable dynasty of Cajun musical greats including his father Preston Breaux, his brother Pat Breaux, and his great grandfather Auguste Breaux.  His grandfather Amédée Breaux recorded the original “Jolie Blonde” and his great-aunt Cleoma Breaux, married Joe Falcon, one of the great Cajun musicians of the 1930s.  Together, they led the way for future Cajun musicians by waxing the first Cajun recording “Allons à Lafayette.” Jimmy will be teaching advanced accordion, leading a jam session and a culture discussion in addition to playing for nightly dance parties.

Harold Bernard will be teaching Cajun dance all weekend! Raised in the dance halls of South Louisiana, in 1986 Harold started traveling and spreading the word of his unique Acadian Culture through music and dance, teaching at festivals like Ashokan, Buffalo Gap and Augusta and working and traveling with such greats as Boi Sec Ardoin, Canray Fontenot, Dewey Balfa, Lionel Leleux. Having danced with incredible partners like Millie Ortego and Christine Balfa, Harold offers Cajun/Jitterbug and Zydeco workshops to all levels of dancers, out of Lafayette and New Orleans.

Harold brings us the joy of not only the dance but the Joi de Vivre of a people named "Cajuns."

Randy Vidrine, a Ville Platte native who grew up speaking both French and English, is a legendary Cajun chanteur, expressing songs both happy and sad straight from the heart. He will be teaching two workshops on vocals (you are free to bring your guitar). Randy now plays with The Lafayette Rhythm Devils, a true dance hall band that works hard on stage to make music for people who work hard during the week. Randy will also be leading a jam session and the culture session Saturday, in addition to playing and singing at both evening parties.
Charlie Terr has played with some of the masters of Cajun and Creole music including The Balfa Brothers, Nathan Abshire, Marc Savoy, The Sundown Playboys, D. L. Menard, Lionel LeLeux, and Bois Sec Ardoin. Charlie plays accordion with The Chicago Cajun Aces and will lead intermediate accordion workshops.
John Terr’s passion for Cajun music began in 1975. He learned the music in Louisiana and in Chicago, honing his skills with the Chicago Cajun Aces before moving to Minnesota. A member of several local bands, John earned a CFMA “Prix Dehors de Nous” award with the Twin City Playboys in 2012. John has taught Cajun guitar nationally and currently plays accordion with the New Riverside Ramblers. John will teach an all level guitar workshop and our tit-fer workshop.
Gene Losey will instruct a beginning accordion workshop and guide players in basic scales, fingering and some Cajun techniques. Don't have an accordion? We can try to find you one if you inquire early.
Dorian Gehring plays fiddle, accordion, guitar and sings with The Cajun Vagabonds, a Chicago band known for its high energy dance music. He will teach two advanced fiddle workshops and a beginning fiddle workshop.
AJ Srubas plays Cajun fiddle and pedal steel with The New Riverside Ramblers and is also a fantastic Irish and old-time fiddler, playing with The Bootlickers and The Two Tap Trio. He also teaches many lessons in the Twin Cities to students. AJ will be teaching two intermediate fiddle workshops.
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Norwegian Dance & Music Weekend
March 31 ~ April 2

NEW! Fillable REGISTRATION FORM and info 
Our registration form is now designed with fillable fields. You should be able to fill it in on your computer and either email or mail it to us. Please read the payment instructions carefully, and note that if paying by credit card, you must either 1) mail us the card info with your form, 2) phone us to make a transaction, or 3) use this payment button (left) to pay with PayPal. We cannot accept credit card payments via email.
Featuring Norwegian guests Sigrunn Bæra Svenkerud and Geir Helge Espeset (dance) from Hallingdal; Hardanger fiddler Arne Anderdal from Voss; Vidar Skrede from Haugesund on regular (flat) fiddle; and with American Hardanger fiddler Karin Code.

Our Norwegian guests will share with us techniques in traditional Hallingspringar. Sigrunn, Geir Helge and Arne were born in Hallingdal where traditional music and dance are a natural part of their social fabric. They learned from the “old masters,” absorbing the feeling and understanding of the dance and music as they practiced the steps and the notes. It is truly in their bones!

A three-time Landskappleiken winner, Sigrunn taught school for 20 years and now runs a bed and breakfast in Nesbyen ( at her old family farm. Geir Helge also has danced in many Landskappleiken. Today he lives on a farm in Valdres with goats, moose-hunting, a small butchery, a farm shop and a little cabinet shop.

Arne lives in Voss in western Norway where he is an archivist and music instructor at the Ole Bull Academy. An A-class Hardanger fiddler, he plays with the the Voss Spelemannslag.

Vidar Skrede is a freelance Nordic folk musician on guitar, Hardanger fiddle, fiddle and Greek bouzouki. A 2016 transplant to Chicago from Haugesund, Norway, Vidar he has a background in the traditional music from Rogaland (Southwest Norway), and has a masters degree in Nordic folk music from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Vidar is well known for his performing and recording with many folk bands.

Named as one of America's "foremost Norwegian Harding fiddlers" in Spelemannsbladet, Norway's premiere folk music journal, Karin Code has studied extensively in Norway and instructs and plays nationally.

Come for workshops in both music and dance, and fill your mind and spirit with the sounds of traditional Norwegian music! Full and part-time options.

SCHOLARSHIP AID: Four dishwashing/laundry scholarships are available on a first-come basis. Please contact ASAP for details. (Full-time tuition only $65!)

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English Country Dance & Music Weekend
with Bare Necessities
April 21~23
Registration (coming soon)

We welcome back Bare Necessities for this invigorating weekend of English Country Dance. Jacqueline Schwab plays piano, Mary Lea and Earl Gaddis both play violin and viola, and Kate Barnes is on winds and guitar.

A quartet known for its creative interpretations of English Country Dance tunes, Bare Necessities has been playing together since 1980. As a group they have redefined the sound of English Country Dance music with an improvisatory and playful style that reflects their classical background and extensive experience playing for all kinds of dancing. Their music spans the centuries from 16th century early music to recently composed pieces, with a delightful variety of moods and meters that lends itself to their exploratory style and interweaving of harmonies and countermelodies.

 “The Bares” are highly respected as dance musicians and well loved for their ability to support and inspire the dancers. Jacqueline brings a love of dancing and an attention to style to her teaching. Her passion for the beauty of English Country Dancing and its integral music is infectious!