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Senior Live Music Series Awarded Two Grants  

The United Fund of Iowa County has awarded Folklore Village's Senior Music Outreach program a grant to continue the program this fall season. The program provides an average of eleven free musical concerts to Iowa County seniors and seniors living in assisted living care centers. Some seniors come out as a group for a fun outing to Folklore Village, while some enjoy the ease of staying at home to hear these concerts. Live and familiar music has innumerable health benefits for seniors and the sing-alongs and memories that accompany the concerts are a joy to experience for all ages. Some past acts have been country-western singers KG & The Ranger, cowboy singer Bob Bovee, Down From the Hills, and the rowdy bluegrass act, MooGrass. Concerts are typically held at: Sienna Crest, Crestridge, The Hodan Center, Mineral Point Care Center, Upland Hills Health, and Bloomfield Health Center.

CrestRidge Senior Living has also awarded this program with funds. CrestRidge Senior Living in Dodgeville is a participant in these live concerts and we are thrilled they are giving back to the program this fall for their residents and all the seniors who make Iowa County their home.


We have updated the information on our Aslak Lie House Page!

Click the LIE HOUSE tab above on the webpage navigation headings for updated information regarding the construction of the Aslak Lie House.  We are projecting a groundbreaking in the spring of 2015!