Welcome to Folklore Village!

Finnegans Wake In Concert: A Fundraiser and Welcome Reception for Terri Van Orman

Saturday, September 13th   Admission: $10.00

6:30 potluck and reception, 8:00 Concert


















It's time to formally welcome new executive director, Terri Van Orman! Her musical husband John Van Orman will be performing folk songs and melodies of America and The British Isles with bandmates William Fury and Bill Rintz for a very special fundraising evening. Finnegans Wake perform with fiddles, mandolins, concertinas, dulcimers, hurdy-gurdy, celeste, harmonium, guitars, whistles, bodhran and other assorted instruments, all enriched by their traditional vocal harmonies.  Want to volunteer? Call us at 924-4000.


Welcome Dan Knutson

Another new face around Folklore Village these days is Dan Knutson, our new part-time custodian and groundskeeper. Dan does a great job keeping up with our large site and many buildings. Dan has worked as the caretaker of the famed House On The Rock and was a supervisor at a Dodgeville wood factory plant for 20 years. He loves to golf and enjoys spending time outside, which is one reason why he is liking his new Folklore Village position. Dan is a fun and cheerful presence here and we hope you get to meet him soon. He lives in Montfort with his wife Zoe. Welcome Dan!

Event Calendar Notice

To reach our area of greatest impact, our 6 month event calendar (August-December) has been mailed to the WI residents on our mailing list. If you'd like our current event calendar mailed to you, drop us a line and we'll put one in the mail. Or, click here for a pdf electronic copy! 608-924-4000 or staff@folklorevillage.org